Miniatures for 3D Printing

Here you will find a gallery of the STL miniatures I have designed for 3D printing. The big majority of them have a Sci-fi theme, comprised by Alien forms (Xenoteras) and Humans. As these models are destined to be used for tabletop wargaming, they are scaled in a way that they will perfectly fit on any game that uses 28mm scale models, with lots of details and modular elements that will make them the perfect kitbashing alternative for warhammer or models on their own.

If you keep scrolling down you will find different buttons that will take you to my other places, depending on what service you are interested in. So, if you want to buy STL files from my range, there will be a button next to each model that has a link to my Online Shop. Same goes for acquiring physical copies, some of my models are currently being sold by Licensed Merchants (Patreon) on their selling platforms like Etsy.

If you want to give your humans, SM and tyranid army something different, or you want to give that extra something to your DnD games, you are in the right place.

Don't forget to get in contact if you want something done for yourself or as a cool "Must have".


The vast majority of these models are part of a long term ongoing project, Protectio Erah, which is slowly taking form when any addition is made. I have always been a Warhammer Fantasy and 40K fan, dreaming that one day I will make my own range of miniatures, which, thanks to 3D printing is now possible. 

The idea is to create a range with different races, factions and armies that will be compatible with other tabletop games like Warhammer 40K, DnD... offering a good alternative to make your armies different. 

There is also a side project with Cute Dinosaurs, which were designed to give another perspective and not limit to just Sci-fi. They will grow in numbers too, with cute outfits and situations that will make them a great collectable.

Finally, you will see another range of Other miniatures, and that's requests and custom orders that I received. They are great for your role games or simply to paint.

Protectio Erah

Humans on Erah are in perilous position, the alien invasion has taken over almost the whole planet, and now they live in there. 


Over time, the Xenoteras (aliens) have adapted to the planet, blending appearances and DNA from other animals and even plants, slowly transforming the biosphere into their own ecosystem. The Xenoteras originally come from a Common Hive and they form new strains depending on what planet they are on.


Humans are in low numbers but still numerous enough to build a fully effective army to contain this threat. Everything is focused on their own defence and protection, becoming very advanced in some fields but not in the others.

The aim of this project is to grow with more and more models, races and armies, giving more variety and keeping it alive.

Xenoteras Miniature Link

Cute Dinos

This will add some cuteness to your shelves with a range of cute dinosaurs in different situations or outfits that will melt your heart. A perfect gift.

Other Models/Collaborations

Here you will find models that are Collaborations with other artists or simply with a different theme.


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